Exercises with Pēteris Gaibišels!

Pēteris is a long-time friend of the Toronto Latvian Pensioners Association, he regularly holds exercises in the mornings for all of our dear guests at the Latvian Centre on Thursdays. Driven by a deep-rooted desire to help others, Peters has dedicated himself to a lifetime of learning and service. From his early academic endeavors to his extensive studies in cancer research and wellness care, he’s always been at the forefront of innovative approaches to health and healing.

But perhaps what truly sets Pēters apart is his unwavering dedication to the TLPA. Every Thursday, he opens his doors to Latvian pensioners, leading them in gentle exercises designed to promote mobility and vitality. His kindness and generosity know no bounds, and his impact reaches far beyond the walls of his practice.

With over several years of experience, he wears many hats in his bustling chiropractic practice, but his favorite role is that of a listener and healer to each unique person who walks through his door.