Toronto Latvian
Pensioners’ Association

Dievam, tuvākam un savai tautai

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In preparation of a potential #COVID19 outbreak in our community, there are preparation plans with a growing number of our organizations. Latvija Amerikā will publish in its next edition all the preparation plans that our organizations and community leaders are making. We are surrounded by caring, hardworking staff and volunteers who are adapting daily to the changing circumstances.

Mēs dzīvojam dīvainā laikā, kad daudz kas ir kājām gaisā un nav kā ierasts. Cerams, ka Jūs visi esat veseli un atpušaties!

Gribam Jums sniegt informāciju un palūgt arī informāciju no Jums.

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Toronto, ON M4A 2N8, Canada

About us

Our mission is to provide our seniors with services and programs which are diverse, varied, rich and engaging.

A second home to exercise, sing, eat, play, socialize, learn and contribute. A place where they can feel independent, support each other and can make new friendships

A place where they can maintain the Latvian language and culture. A place where their spiritual and social life is enriched.

A place that can provide education and assistance regarding the laws of the land, medical care, pensions and aid in other pertinent matters.


A guide to programs and services for seniors

Find information on resources available for seniors in Ontario, including tax credits, health, caregiving, housing, driving and staying safe.

Health care programs and services

Seniors in Ontario have access to many health care programs and services in their communities.

For more Health Care Options click here

Driving and transportation services

Many communities have organizations that provide volunteer driving and transportation services for seniors, including those who need accessible transportation.

For more information and Public Transit click here

Retirement homes

Retirement homes are a form of housing where residents pay for accommodation and care services. They do not receive government funding and residents pay the full cost of accommodation and any care services they purchase.

For more information and how to Find a retirement home, click here

Renew your driver’s licence

You must renew your driver’s licence every two years if you are over the age of 80.

Learn how to renew your licence if you are over the age of 80 here