Staying Connected While Staying Home

The sudden need for self-isolation and social distancing is a challenging adjustment for many during this pandemic. Fortunately, there are many ways to handle this, including the use of a smartphone.

In this article, we will provide insights on the various benefits a smartphone can provide while you are staying at home.

Stay in touch with loved ones

Reach out – call or send a message to your loved ones or to someone you haven’t heard from in a while. Let them know you care. It’s the perfect time to reach out, mainly because you’re not the only person feeling worried or even bored from staying indoors.

Video calls – staying in touch and calling your loved ones during this time has never been more critical. Seeing their faces can make a big difference. Despite the distance, talking to your loved ones and connecting with them will undoubtedly lift your mood and theirs.

There are many different apps that make interacting with people easy. Here are a few that we recommend: WhatsApp, Facetime (for iPhone users only), Skype, Facebook Messenger and Viber.

Keep physically fit

Exercise – just because gyms are closed, doesn’t mean you need to stop exercising. Access the app store on your phone to discover the various apps you can download for free to keep up your fitness routine from home. One example is Sworkit, which takes you through various stretching routines.

Healthy recipes – other than exercise, it is also essential to eat well. If you are running out of ideas on what to cook, you can effortlessly search for healthy recipes on Google or even follow a YouTube video. Also, planning for a weekly or monthly menu and knowing precisely the required ingredients will make your trip to the grocery store more efficient.

Look after your mental health

Good content – the news and social media can be overwhelming, and we all need a break from it to maintain a positive mindset. A great alternative is reading a good book. You can go pick up your favourite books from the shelf, or you can also download apps like Kindle to read books from your smartphone.

If you’re used to going to the library, some libraries are now offering their books online for free. If you have a craving for culture, some museums and art galleries in Canada have started to provide free virtual tours to showcase their collections.

Music and audiobooks – listening to good music is relaxing. Spotify is a popular music streaming app today is for its wide variety of song selection and educational podcasts. Audible is an audiobook app that has access to thousands of good books to listen to.

Stick to your routine

Routine and schedule – setting up a routine for your day can help you stay productive and give a sense of accomplishment. Use smartphone tools such as the Alarm Clock to remain consistent with routines like waking up, calling a loved one and reading a book.

Set up personal goals or plan home projects and then maximize the Calendar app for scheduling and keeping track of your progress.